Pizza restaurant FLOODED with negative reviews after Trump endorsement

After President Trump tweeted support for a New York pizza restaurant targeted by liberal activists over a flag in support of him, the business was flooded with negative reviews.

It appears the president tweeting his endorsement for Long Island’s Patio Pizza and its owner, Guy Caligiuri, has only added fuel to a fire.

Trump’s tweet came following an interview with Caligiuri on Fox Business where he said his business was threatened by a woman offended at a Trump flag hanging in the establishment.

The woman threatened to expose the restaurant and run them out of business by organizing other liberals on social media.

“I’ve been in business for 43 years and I’ve seen a lot,” said Caligiuri. “And, I just took it in stride… I just ignored it, basically.”

The woman followed through with calling for a boycott, but it had the opposite effect and business picked up as residents found themselves siding with a small business over cancel culture.

Some, however, have attempted to pick up the unidentified woman’s cause and have taken to Yelp to post politically-motivated negative reviews of the restaurant. Many include images of the president, and Yelp has already said their support team is monitoring the onslaught of reviews.

“Nobody using masks at all. I don’t think they believe in covid by the trump flag that flies above the establishment,” one new reviewer wrote in a one star review. Other older reviews that are more positive describe the business as “Covid safe.” 

Pizza restaurant FLOODED with negative reviews after Trump endorsement
Pizza restaurant FLOODED with negative reviews after Trump endorsement

“It’s stinks of corruption and tyranny. Denounce this scammer of a president and save your business against the masses that will Not enjoy you being used as a prop against the Rule of Democracy.”

“The sauce has too much onion powder and no hand towels in the restroom,” a reviewer living in Tennessee wrote. 

“The sauce taste like ketchup. The owners are gross, oh and not to mention they support white supremacy,” wrote another. 

Pizza restaurant FLOODED with negative reviews after Trump endorsement

Other reviews, most from out of state or even Canada, make similar accusations, always sure to mention Trump as well. 

Despite the digital attack on Yelp, the restaurant still holds high ratings elsewhere. With 116 Google reviews, they hold a 4.4 rating and considering the way the first boycott turned out, it’s likely this new Trump outrage will only inspire more support for the restaurant.

Trump, on the other hand, has found himself the target of critics, questioning the motivation and the legality behind a sitting president promoting a business.

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