Trump says he will BAN TikTok in US within 24 hours

US President Donald Trump has vowed to prohibit the Chinese-owned video sharing platform TikTok in the United States, saying that he might do this via an executive order the next day, amid allegations of IP theft by Beijing.

“As far as TikTok is concerned, we’re banning them from the United States,” Trump told reporters on board Air Force One on Friday, according to NBC News, adding that he may do so as early as Saturday. Trump indicated that he might use an executive order or invoke emergency powers to effect the ban.

I have that authority. I can do it with an executive order or that.

The proposal comes just hours after reports earlier on Friday that Microsoft was involved in talks to acquire the video app from Chinese firm ByteDance, a purchase Trump has reportedly opposed. Both Microsoft and ByteDance declined to comment on the matter, however.

The news of Trump banning the app, which is especially popular with teenagers, has sparked a meme fest on Twitter.

The president had hinted at a ban previously, including on Friday morning, telling reporters at the White House that the administration “may be” banning the platform, noting “there’s a couple options… we’re looking at a lot of alternatives with respect to TikTok.” He has repeatedly expressed concern about TikTok and other Chinese entities grabbing American data, a talking point that’s increasingly gained traction in the Oval Office, also used to justify the closure of a Chinese consulate earlier this month.


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