Megathread: Trump Signs Coronavirus Relief Orders After Talks With Congress Break Down

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President Donald Trump signed executive orders on Saturday providing additional financial support to Americans hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, after his negotiators failed to reach a deal with Congress.


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In Executive Actions, Trump Extends Unemployment Benefits
Pres. Trump signs COVID-related executive orders, including $400 weekly unemployment benefit
Coronavirus stimulus: Extending extra unemployment benefits through executive order ‘would really be a nightmare’
Trump signs executive orders on payroll tax, evictions, student loans, unemployment
Trump signs executive orders extending coronavirus relief, setting up legal battle with Democrats
Trump signs executive orders on coronavirus economic relief: Democrats promised last week to file a legal challenge if the president acted through executive order to circumvent Congress, which has the constitutional authority to determine federal spending.
Trump to sign 4 executive orders on coronavirus aid
Trump to sign executive orders after stimulus talks broke down on Capitol Hill
Trump is expected to sign executive orders related to economic relief as soon as Saturday, officials say
Trump signs executive orders providing temporary coronavirus relief after stimulus talks with Congress stall
Trump announces executive actions to provide economic relief after stimulus talks broke down
Trump expected to sign executive orders on coronavirus relief
Trump to sign coronavirus relief executive orders Saturday to help unemployed Americans, renters
‘This already exists’: Democrats seize on potential Trump executive order on preexisting conditions
Trump poised to sign executive order on coronavirus relief after stimulus talks falter
Trump to sign executive order on coronavirus unemployment benefits, White House official says
Trump orders $400-per-week unemployment payments amid COVID crisis, hits Dems for stonewalling
Trump orders extension of jobless benefits, payroll tax deferral
Trump Attempts To Sidestep Congress By Ordering 4 Points Of Coronavirus Relief
Trump extends unemployment benefits, defers payroll tax
Trump signs orders aimed at extending some pandemic relief after Congress fails to reach a deal

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