Hi! I’m Ron Klain, I served as the White House Ebola response coordinator under the Obama-Biden Administration and as Chief-of-Staff for Vice President Biden. I’m here to answer your questions about the impact of COVID-19, how we got here, and what we need to do next.

Hi Reddit!

I’m Ron Klain, I’ve been a long time Biden advisor, and I’ve worked in the Clinton-Gore and Obama-Biden administrations, serving as chief of staff to two vice presidents before leading the Obama-Biden administration’s response to the Ebola Virus.

Everyone knows America is facing a real challenge from the Coronavirus. The hard truth is this pandemic didn’t have to be this bad. I’m here to answer questions about how we got here, what a Biden administration would have done differently, and what we would do now to get this virus under control.

I’ll be logging on and start answering questions at around 11 a.m. ET on August 13th, 2020. Can’t wait to answer some of your questions!

You can find more about Joe Biden’s policy on COVID-19 here: https://joebiden.com/joes-vision/

Proof: https://i.redd.it/g9nid1telmg51.jpg

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