Political debating in 2020: Gaetz swaps petty insults with anti-Trump Jon Cryer after actor gives money to congressional opponent

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) slapped back at actor Jon Cryer on Twitter after he trashed the politician for supporting Donald Trump amid controversy over accusations Trump called dead military members “losers” and “suckers.”

Cryer made it clear on Twitter he is no fan of Gaetz, slamming the Republican for past actions such as endorsing Laura Loomer for Congress and inviting a “white supremacist” to 2018’s State of the Union address. 

“Rep. @mattgaetz invited a white supremacist to the State of the Union, attempted to intimidate a federal witness, and endorsed a sociopathic bigot who applauded the deaths of migrants for congress,” the actor tweeted. 

The message was in response to a tweet from Phil Ehr, a Democrat currently trying to unseat Gaetz, tweeting about a story in The Atlantic claiming the president had allegedly insulted American troops by calling them “losers” and “suckers” for dying in war. Cryer added that he had donated to Ehr’s campaign, and then proceeded to link to various stories accusing Gaetz of everything from inviting a Holocaust denier to the State of the Union to threatening former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. 

The thread struck a chord with Gaetz, who fired back at Cryer by invoking his former co-star Charlie Sheen.

The controversial ‘Platoon’ actor’s name began trending after the tweet, mainly because, ironically, he’s no fan of the president or Republicans who support him.

The pettiness didn’t stop at Sheen, though. Cryer fired back, insisting ‘Two and a Half Men’ was just fine after his co-star left, because it ran for another four years and he walked away with an Emmy Award – although the decline in ratings over that time was undeniable.

“What’s an Emmy? An award Hollywood gives itself? I win elections,” Gaetz eventually replied.

Even after the spat had been ridiculed as a “Twitter fight,” Gaetz continued the pettiness, responding to CNN anchor Jake Tapper calling Cryer’s accusations “factually accurate,” not by defending himself, but rather insulting Cryer’s show all over again.

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