Clouds of chlorine vapor rise into the sky after chemical-packed warehouse catches fire near Atlanta, Georgia (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A serious blaze has broken out inside a chemical storage facility near Atlanta, Georgia, prompting local authorities to suspend traffic along a nearby highway. This is the third such incident at the facility since 2004.

Ten pallets of dry chemicals caught fire at a warehouse in the town of Conyers in Rockdale County, local media reported, citing officials. The facility in question is said to belong to BioLab, a company dealing with pool and spa water-treatment chemicals.

Tall plumes of white smoke could be seen rising from the building. Reporters on the ground said that they were chlorine vapor clouds, and police have advised people to stay away from the area due to the smoke.

Officials were forced to temporarily shut down part of the I-20 highway as fire crews were dispatched to the blaze and the wind blew smoke from the chemical fire across the lanes. There were no reports of any casualties.

This is the third fire at the facility since 2004, when a blaze set off multiple explosions and caused the evacuation of hundreds of residents. Another fire occurred in 2016, also triggering an evacuation.

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