Somebody should do something? Senator Dianne Feinstein roasted for tweeting hot air on SCOTUS crisis

Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein’s tweet lamenting the “double standard” of the ongoing Supreme Court conundrum has gone viral, but not in a flattering way – many said it’s supposed to be the politician’s job to deal with it.

Feinstein tweeted on Tuesday that it would be “dangerous” if Republicans got to appoint a justice to the court during an election year, despite having refused to do so in 2016 under Barack Obama. The longtime California Senator added that such a precedent “can’t be allowed to stand.

Her statement quickly went viral, gaining thousands of comments, but perhaps having the reverse effect to the one Feinstein intended. Many commenters saw the tweet as velleity, lashing out at her lack of political action.

Some simply responded by asking Feinstein to “do something about it,” since she was the one in a position of power.

Others mocked Feinstein, implying that she was not intending to act on her words. “Someone should stop this, but not Dianne she’s busy,” was one of the more popular jokes.

Meanwhile, the Republican supporters also thought that Feinstein’s words were empty and she “won’t do nothing about” the Supreme Court nomination, as the Democrats are currently a minority in the Senate.

President Donald Trump said that he and the Senate Republicans will try to appoint a new US Supreme Court justice before the November presidential election, despite objections from the Democratic Party.

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