Actress Kirstie Alley spars with fellow celeb Rosanna Arquette after tweeting ‘radical left’ will be in charge if Biden wins

Conservative actress Kirstie Alley became embroiled in a war of words with fellow celebrities online after blasting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as “evil” over her attempt to create a new procedure to remove a sitting US president.

“The ‘process’ EVIL NANCY PELOSI speaks of is an attempt at a presidential takeover of a President by glorified BAKER ACT,” Alley tweeted on Friday, adding “don’t believe a word that comes out of this [witch’s] mouth… and yes she gives witches a bad name.”

The condemnation of the top Democrat in the House came after Pelosi introduced legislation under the 25th Amendment setting out guidelines to transfer power from the president to the VP if the former becomes incapacitated while in office – what Alley deemed an attempted “takeover.”

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The actress followed up the ‘evil Pelosi’ tweet moments later with another post addressed to her “Democrat friends,” asking whether they were concerned about Dem candidate Joe Biden becoming a mere “figurehead” if elected, leaving his “socialist radical left” subordinates to call the shots.

That missive prompted a terse response from actress and director Rosanna Arquette – who claims to be “resisting fascism on a daily basis” on Twitter and has voiced deep shame over her own “white privilege” – accusing Alley of supporting a “cruel fascist racist lying regime” and a “mentally ill leader” who “supports Nazis.” She rejected Alley’s charges of a leftist cabal looking to take power behind the scenes, arguing Biden is only interested in “preserving our democracy.”

Alley later pushed back against Arquette’s labeling of her politics as “right wing nationalist,” insisting she does not identify herself as such and that she supports “nothing that you’ve accused me of.”

Actor Stan Houston came to Alley’s defense on Friday night, telling Arquette to “crack a history book,” while explaining “We are a republic, not a democracy. Big difference!” An editor with the conservative news outlet the Blaze also stepped in to back her up.

Pelosi’s efforts to set up a new process to oust a president from office have stoked speculation the initiative is not intended for Trump at all, but rather a Biden administration. On the heels of Pelosi’s Friday presser, President Trump tweeted that “Crazy Nancy Pelosi is looking at the 25th Amendment in order to replace Joe Biden with Kamala Harris,” a theory that echoed across right-leaning Twitter for the better part of Friday afternoon.

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