Snow laughing matter: WATCH bizarre moment zamboni catches fire on ice hockey rink in NY

In a highly unexpected scene, a zamboni ice resurfacer burst into flames following a youth ice hockey team practice in Rochester, New York.

Mercifully, no one was injured in the incident which occurred Wednesday evening at the Bill Gray Regional Iceplex on the campus of Monroe Community College. A youth hockey team had just completed their practice before the incident. 

Extraordinary eyewitness footage, shared by former college hockey player Russ Bitely, shows the moment the machine erupted in flames while sliding across the ice.

The fiery fiasco apparently happened after a hose on the machine broke, spilling fluid on the motor, which quickly caught fire. 

Rochester Fire Department responded to the incident but the fire had already been extinguished by the time they arrived. 

Given the lack of injuries or significant damage to the building, many took the opportunity to poke fun or, for some reason, share poetry and song lyrics referencing ice and fire.

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