Gamers roll their eyes as new Call of Duty shooter offers option to be a ‘non-binary war criminal’

The gender inclusivity feature in the new Call of Duty military shooter game raised quite a few gamer eyebrows, allowing non-binary characters to take part in the war-crime-filled black ops of the Ronald Reagan era.

The oh-so descriptively named ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’ was released on Friday, and players instantly noticed a new feature for the series – the ability to pick a ‘non-binary’ option while creating your character.

As the game’s title suggests, the virtual soldier codenamed ‘Bell’ – who now can be a non-binary character – would then have to take part in extrajudicial covert operations against the Soviet Union in the early 80s.

The identity politics spin placed on historically controversial military practices seemed off to some gamers, who immediately ridiculed the entire concept. “Just made my non-binary war criminal character in the new CoD. Hell Yeah,” quipped one of them. “Finally being seen,” one non-binary person sarcastically tweeted.

Some players, however, thought that Call of Duty’s inclusivity option was an “important” move in the right direction.

A certain section of virtual veterans, however, were quite displeased with the ‘non-binary’ feature. Alas, not many of their comments were profanity-free.

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