WATCH: Mobs harass Trump supporters, shoot fireworks & torch MAGA merch after massive march in Washington, DC

Following a huge pro-Trump rally in Washington DC, lone activists heading away were seen attacked, harassed, pelted with fireworks and doused with unknown liquids, as police seemed incapable to respond to numerous ugly incidents.

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The Saturday’s event, dubbed the #MillionMAGAMarch and attended by thousands of people, passed relatively peacefully, only marred by sporadic scuffles between more radical right-wing Proud Boys and leftist Antifa that were swiftly quelled by DC police.

However, as the pro-Trump event winded down and MAGA supporters started to disperse later in the day, wider groups of ‘counter-protesters’ turned increasingly violent, and were seen chasing, attacking and harassing lone activists as police apparently struggled to respond to multiple incidents happening all at once.

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