‘You wouldn't reach out to a Trump supporter if he was drowning’: outrage as NYT journo says talking to other side ‘not worth it’

A liberal New York Times journalist is being slammed for declaring it a waste of time to reach out to Donald Trump voters and talk to them, something he claims to have done for four years.

“We cannot help people who refuse to help themselves,” Wajahat Ali declared on Thursday through the Times’ piece. 

Ali slammed calls from Democrats like Pete Buttigieg to “reach out” to Trump voters and have a dialogue, something he declares “not worth it” based on multiple speaking events he did over the past four years in America’s “heartland,” where he says he spoke to Trump voters, none of whom changed their opinions.

“I warned them that supporting white nationalism and Trump, in particular, would be self destructive, an act of self-immolation, that will neither help their families or America become great again,” Ali wrote, admitting his interactions were mostly cordial, but fruitless since no one decided to change their votes.

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Ali’s stance of digging in your heels and refusing to interact with those who disagree with you has set off conservative critics, who have accused him of promoting political bubbles and even lying about his experiences.

“You wouldn’t reach out to a Trump supporter if he was drowning,” Tablet magazine associate editor Noam Blum tweeted in reaction. 

“We are so very humbled by your noble compassion. I for one sincerely apologize we so deeply disappointed you,” writer Chad Felix Greene added. 

Others brought up past comments made by Ali mocking Trump voters, and even referring to his supporter base as a “death cult,” to counter his argument of “trying” to talk to the other side for four years.

The message of cold-shouldering over 70 million Americans, however, has resonated with Trump critics, who have applauded Ali’s message and called the president’s supporters cult followers.

Ali himself appeared to celebrate criticism of his declaration by saying he’d “pissed off all the right people for all the right reasons.”

In place of speaking to Trump voters, Ali suggests “organizing your community, registering new voters and supporting candidates who reflect progressive values that uplift everyone,” as well as continuing to pressure “social media giants like Twitter and Facebook to deplatform hatemongers, such as Steve Bannon, and censor disinformation.”

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