3 killed in ongoing shooter situation in Austin, Texas as suspect identified

Police in Austin, Texas have been attending an active shooter situation in which three people were pronounced dead.

The shooting occurred at an intersection in the Arboretum area in northwest Austin. Police quickly took to Twitter to advise residents to stay clear of the area and “shelter in place.”

Photos of the scene show 18 response vehicles called to the scene.

Officials confirmed to local media that the initial 911 call was of an active shooter situation, and the scene is at an apartment complex. They called the situation “domestic” and said it was not posing a threat to the general public.

In a later update, police identified the suspect behind the shooting as 41-year-old Stephen Broderick.

Broderick remains at large, according to Austin Police Interim Chief Joseph Chacon. 

Chacon said the situation remains dangerous and Broderick could be hiding or have potentially taken a hostage.

“The danger still remains high at this point,” Chacon said.

The police chief revealed the shooting was targeted, as three victims – two women and one man – all knew Broderick. A child involved in the incident has been found and is safe, Chacon also said. 

Police have continued to tell residents to shelter in place until the suspect is caught.

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