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Kegel trainer startup Elvie is launching a smaller, smarter, hands-free breast pump

Elvie, a Berlin-based startup known best for its connected Kegel trainer is jumping into the breast pump business with a new $480 hands-free system you…

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Scaling startups are setting up secondary hubs in these cities

Joanna Glasner Contributor More posts by this contributor What does it take to be a startup that raises huge sums quickly? Not a minimalist? Startups…

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Amazon is hiring and you can work from home $AMZN

Want to work for Amazon? The online retail giant has just posted openings for virtual customer service associates! According to the job posting, this is…

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Trouble in Paradise? Amazon Japan says cooperating after raid in antitrust case $AMZN

The Japanese unit of the US internet giant Amazon said on Thursday it was cooperating with authorities after a fair trade watchdog raided its Tokyo…

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Toys ‘R’ Us Going Belly UP, laying off 33,000 workers

Toys ‘R’ US plans to sell or close all of its US stores, potentially hitting 33,000 jobs, US media reported Wednesday. The debt-plagued retailer, which…

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Amazon to stop Alexa from laughing maniacally $AMZN

Amazon on Wednesday promised to keep virtual assistant Alexa from spontaneously cackling, giving people eerie feelings about what the artificial intelligence might be plotting. Users…

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Toys ‘R’ Us to liquidate assets, close U.S. stores, again

A shutdown of the U.S. division of Toys ‘R’ Us has become increasingly likely in recent days as no buyer has emerged to keep the…

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Competing with, Big changes are coming to 100 Macy’s locations in 2018

If you like to shop at Macy’s, some big changes may be coming to your favorite department store! The retailer has been working to turn…

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More Retail Carnage: Major supermarket chain reportedly plans to close 200 stores

Some midsize supermarket chains are struggling to survive as they cut prices to keep up with the competition. In the past year alone, Amazon purchased…

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After massive growth streak, Amazon ambitions seem boundless? $AMZN

Triumphant in online retail, cloud computing, organic groceries, and streaming television, Amazon founder and chief disruptor Jeff Bezos is turning his seemingly limitless ambition to…

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Amazon Stock Jumps After Laying Off Hundreds of Corporate Employees $AMZN

Amazon is laying off hundreds of employees at the company’s corporate headquarters, marking a rare cutback from the massive online retailer that has enjoyed considerable…

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Amazon launching its own delivery service $FDX $UPS

Amazon is preparing a limited launch of a delivery service that would compete directly with services like Fedex and UPS, the Wall Street Journal reported…

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Chicago Misses Out As Amazon names Newark, Philly, NYC finalists in HQ2 search

Newark, Philadelphia, and New York City are all still in the running. The cities were three of 20 towns identified by Amazon Thursday as finalists…

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Posted in amazon Jobs SEATTLE Tribune Content Agency plans to build second, ‘equal’ headquarters outside Seattle $AMZN

SEATTLE — has outgrown Seattle. The e-commerce giant, which employs about 40,000 people in the city after a hiring boom and urban build-out with…

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