Apple and Google failing to keep underage users away from dating apps, says Tinder

The parent company of Tinder, has accused Apple and Google of endangering children by failing to properly check the age of users who download its dating apps. Match Group, the world’s biggest online dating company, said on Tuesday that the two smartphone giants had refused to share any data on their users’ ages and had repeatedly let through users that they knew to be under 18. Testifying to the US Senate, chief legal officer Jared Sine said that Match, which also owns and OkCupid, had been forced to adopt its own safety checks to plug the gaps in Apple and Google’s age verification systems. His claims came during a fiery hearing in Washington DC investigating whether the two titans have abused their power over the iPhone and Android app stores to suppress competition. Mr Sine was joined by executives from Spotify and the lost item start-up Tile, who said they had been punished, threatened and financially throttled by Apple after it began developing rival products. Apple and Google denied wrongdoing, saying their strict rules and fees of up to 30pc are necessary to keep users safe. Mr Sine said: “Safety is actually harmed in the current system. Neither Apple nor Google have been willing to help us with even the most basic safety features. And because of Apple’s and Google’s stranglehold on consumers and their data, it’s difficult for us to conduct even some of the most basic safety checks. “For example, despite our multiple requests over the years, Apple and Google still allow underage users to download our apps, even when they know the individuals are under 18.”

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