‘Aren’t you part of the problem?’ The View host calls out Maddow, media for ‘crying wolf’ over Trump impeachment


Rachel Maddow is partly to blame for Americans’ impeachment fatigue, one brave host of mainstream TV talk show The View challenged the MSNBC host and Russiagate peddler – leaving her, however briefly, dumbstruck.

After Maddow predicted President Donald Trump will be impeached over the ‘Ukrainegate’ scandal, The View host Abby Huntsman pointed out on Thursday’s edition of the show that the American public has been deluged with “smoking guns” for two years now from Democrats and media figures “crying wolf.”

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They’re not taking it as seriously as they should, and I ask you: do you think you’re part of that problem?” Huntsman asked a temporarily-dumbfounded Maddow, who quickly recovered, blaming – who else? – Trump.

It’s a consequence of having a really scandal-ridden presidency with all sorts of stuff happening all the time that with any other presidency would have already led to impeachment,” Maddow replied.

Since Trump had asked both Ukraine and China to investigate the Bidens for corruption during a press conference earlier that day, she said, “you don’t need an inquiry” into whether what happened on the president’s July call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky rose to the level of an impeachable offense.

Maddow has been devoting most of her on-air time to conspiracy-theorizing about Russiagate and drenching her viewers in irresponsible speculation. “What would you do if you lost heat indefinitely, at the act of a foreign power on the same day the temperature in your front yard matched the temperature in Antarctica?” she breathlessly asked her viewers this past winter as temperatures plunged below zero degrees Fahrenheit across the country. According to an analysis of two months of her show by the Intercept, Maddow devoted more time to talking about Russia-related issues, real and imagined, than all other issues put together.

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Fittingly, her ratings have plunged since the publication of the Mueller report revealed the entire “scandal” had been largely manufactured and no actual “collusion” between Trump and Russia existed. 

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