Bernie Sanders Slams Republican Party as ‘Bankrupt Intellectually’

Bernie Sanders Slams Republican Party as 'Bankrupt Intellectually'

The Republican Party is “bankrupt intellectually” and is focused on “demonizing” people like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi rather than campaigning on their own views, Sen. Bernie Sanders said Wednesday.

“They are not going to campaign on their views of giving tax breaks to billionaires and cutting Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid, so they have to come up with some demon,” the Vermont independent and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate told “CBS This Morning.” 

“I guess their demon right now is Nancy Pelosi.”

Democrats, meanwhile, need to “excite people” and get young people and working people out to the polls in the midterm elections, said Sanders.

He also noted there is a wave of progressive, minority and new candidates who are inspiring energy, including Vermont’s Christine Hallquist, the first transgender candidate to win a nomination for governor for a major political party.

The win, said Sanders, shows “we look at ideas that people have and not their sexual orientation. I think it’s a good thing.”

Sanders also won on Tuesday night in Vermont and will seek reelection as an independent in November.

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