Bezos: ‘Eight Hours of Sleep Makes a Big Difference’

Bezos: 'Eight Hours of Sleep Makes a Big Difference'
Bezos: 'Eight Hours of Sleep Makes a Big Difference'

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos emphasized the importance of getting a full night’s sleep during an interview at the Economic Club of Washington, D.C., Business Insider reports.

Bezos, 54, told The Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein Thursday night that sleep is a priority for him, saying that after eight hours of sleep: “I think better. I have more energy. My mood is better.”

He added later that “as a senior executive, you get paid to make a small number of high-quality decisions. Your job is not to make thousands of decisions every day. Is that really worth it if the quality of those decisions might be lower because you’re tired or grouchy?”

Bezos also said that he makes sure that he conducts his “high IQ” meetings, which are any that could be “mentally challenging,” before having lunch or he’ll postpone it until the next morning.

“I go to bed early and I get up early,” he said. “I like to putter in the morning. So I like to read the newspaper. I like to have coffee. I like have breakfast with my kids before they go to school.”

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