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Why Are More Business Graduates Entering the Tech Field?

Traditionally, business graduates tend to take jobs in the finance sector, become executives, or even start their own businesses. That’s been shifting a bit in…

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Is Trump the Best Economic Growth President Ever? Yuge (Global) GDP Analysis

The question is a bit of a misnomer.  Economic growth was much stronger during, for example, the wild, wild west days.  But, is Trump the…

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Global Return August 2018 Commentary: Thinking Differently

Global Return Asset Management commentary for the month ended August 31, 2018; discussing Yahoo’s business model. Dear Friends, For the month of August, we generated…

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A Greek court extended an injunction to protect short seller target Folli Follie’s assets from creditors

What the activism world is talking about Mario Cibelli’s Marathon Partners Equity Management sent a letter to the board of cosmetics company e.l.f. Beauty last…

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The Heatwave And The Storm: Managing Investor Sentiment In The Changing PE Market

The heatwave that has gripped much of the Northern hemisphere over the summer months provides a neat metaphor for the current state of the global…

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KHC: Kraft And Heinz Merger Fails On Most Basic Metric

Summary: KHC failed to deliver against the most important financial objectives outlined at the merger: Free Cash Flow. The outlook for future performance is bleak:…

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Asia is the next market where a big increase in activism is being predicted

Here’s what people were saying at Skytop Strategies’ global activism summit in Toronto on Thursday. As the conference was under Chatham House Rules, the sources…

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Private Equity Funds To Watch In 2019

In this month’s Private Equity & Venture Capital Spotlight, we look at investor’s plans for the private equity asset class in the year ahead, including…

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Dalio Warns Of War With China Yet Again [FULL CNBC INTERVIEW – TRANSCRIPT]

The following is the unofficial transcript of a CNBC interview with Bridgewater Associates Founder, Co-Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer Ray Dalio and CNBC’s “Squawk Box,”…

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Whitney Tilson: Tesla Reminds Me OF Valeant

From Whitney Tilson’s latest email to colleagues 1) Glenn and I will be doing a lot of teaching the next few weeks, starting with two…

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Is a liquidity crunch coming in High Yield ETFs?

Two reports caught my attention yesterday. Firstly, outflows from corporate bond funds continue apace. Last week, according to a report in the Financial Times (FT)…

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LISI Market Comment: Emerging Or Fading Contagion?

LISI Investment Services commentary for the month of September 2018, titled, “Emerging Or Fading Contagion?.” Summary Points Analysts first applied the term “contagion” to financial…

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Robinhood-Led Disruption In Context

In a kind of Robinhood effect, JPMorgan Chase recently launched a new digital investing service with deeply discounted trading fees and free access to the…

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Jack Ma says he isn’t about to retire from Alibaba but is planning a gradual succession

Reports of Jack Ma’s impending retirement are greatly exaggerated, it seems. Ma, the co-founder and executive chairman of Alibaba, has pushed back on claims that he is on…

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Sam Zell On The Future Of Real Estate

Equity International founder Sam Zell on Trump administration efforts to renegotiate U.S. trade deals, the state of the economy, the housing market and the outlook…

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Banned By Google

Salil Mehta is the chief risk and analystics engineer and is a weekend professor at Columbia. He consults various growth firms and non-profits in various…

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Global Allocation Fund August 2018 Commentary – “Value funds” Are Collapsing as S&P FCF Hits 35X

Global Allocation Fund commentary for the month ended August 2018, discussing the markets reaching new maximums. Get The Full Ray Dalio Series in PDF Get…

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Why Hedge Funds Are Betting On The Dollar

It was neigh on ten years ago, the world was just about half way through the ‘Great Recession’ and I was sending out a newsletter…

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