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As biological manufacturing moves to the mainstream, Synvitrobio rebrands and raises cash

The pace at which the scientific breakthroughs working to bend the machinery of life to the whims of manufacturing have transformed into real businesses has…

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Overwatch ‘Pink Mercy’ sale raises $12M for breast cancer research

It can be hard sometimes to grok the scale of the gaming community, but the occasional charity event not only demonstrates the hugeness of the…

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You Won’t Believe What This Boy Does for His Neighbor

A little boy’s concern for his sick, elderly neighbor is going viral after the woman’s granddaughter shared a photo of their relationship on Facebook. Darrien…

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#California should stop saying everything causes cancer

Coffee is just the beginning. The most dangerous coffee photo we could find. Pixabay You may have heard that coffee gives you cancer. Or that…

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Grilled Meat, High-Heat Cooking Raise Risk Of High Blood Pressure

Regularly consuming well-done meat could pose a threat to your blood pressure, according to a new study. Researchers from Harvard suggested eating meat cooked using…

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Dr. Nicolas Cermakian Suggests, Slowing Down Cancer by Activating the Circadian Clock

Humans have genes that, when working properly, prevent cancer, the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in the body. They are called clock genes and they…

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Researchers discovered that Staphylococcus epidermidis bacteria protects against skin cancer

Researchers discovered that Staphylococcus epidermidis, a common human skin bacteria, produces a substance that helps protect against skin cancer. Staphylococcus epidermidis, growing in a dish….

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Researchers Have Discovered A Remarkable Cancer ‘assassin’

Researchers discovered a remarkable cancer cell poison: Huntington’s disease is exceptionally toxic to cancer. Pictured: several neurons (yellow) that have a large central core with…

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French research suggest link between ultra-processed foods, cancer

Scientists suggested on Thursday a link between cancer and “ultra-processed” foods such as cookies, fizzy drinks and sugary cereals, though outside experts cautioned against reading…

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Peking University: Hot Tea Linked To Cancer: Smokers, Drinkers At High Risk

Tea drinkers know that there are a lot of healthy benefits, but a new study shows that it might lead to cancer. The research yielded…

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9-Year-Old Boy To Celebrate His Last Christmas Early

Nine-year-old Jacob Thompson from Portland, Maine, has been fighting neuroblastoma cancer since he was 5. The treatment proved to be unsuccessful and the disease has…

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Very Cool, Scientists figured out how many mutations it takes for healthy cells to turn cancerous

Just a handful of mutations – between one and ten – are required for the cancerous cells to emerge. Approximate number of driver mutations needed…

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Careful, a Not so harmless common herbal remedy might cause liver cancer

Naturopaths and “health gurus” love to tout the benefits of alternative medicine. They take advantage of people’s dislike of medical treatments to promote unproven, “natural”…

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Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus announces she has breast cancer

Award-winning “Veep” star Julia Louis-Dreyfus has breast cancer, she announced through social media on Thursday. The 56-year-old American actress revealed the diagnosis to her 750,000…

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Jean-Jacques Le Fur: Using Viruses to Fight Cancer

This week in Business Planet, we will be finding out about a new approach that uses viruses in cancer treatment. Biotech expert Jean-Jacques Le Fur…

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