Citizens United Releasing Trump ‘Accomplishment-Oriented’ Ads

Citizens United Releasing Trump 'Accomplishment-Oriented' Ads

Citizens United is working on a series of “very accomplishment-oriented ads” so that the American people can learn exactly what President Donald Trump has accomplished in his first 18 months in office, the organization’s president, David Bossie, said Wednesday.   

“(This) is something no one, not even he, thought could be done,” Bossie told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.” 

The achievements include a 4.2 percent gross domestic product, 3.9 percent unemployment, and consumer confidence at an 18-year high, as well as small business confidence at an all-time high, said Bossie. 

“The numbers are staggering and heading in the right direction, and it’s all because this president, the American people elected a businessman,” said Bossie. “Somebody who has had to sign paychecks. Somebody who has had to meet payrolls and understands what businessmen and women across this great country need, that entrepreneurial spirit and that deregulatory atmosphere to be able to unleash American hope, growth, and opportunity for all Americans.” 

Trump, meanwhile, can best help the Republican Party by continuing to do what he’s doing, and by continuing the rallies in which he tells Americans what he has been doing, said Bossie.

It’s important that Republicans keep the House, he added.   

“By losing the House we could lose all of what he has accomplished in the last 18 months, it goes in reverse,” said Bossie. “That is the problem. We can’t stand for that in this country.” 

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