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NASA’s climate-monitoring space laser is the last to ride to space on a Delta II rocket

This weekend, NASA is launching a new high-tech satellite to monitor the planet’s glacier and sea ice levels — with space lasers, naturally. ICESat-2 will…

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California is ‘launching our own damn satellite’ to track pollution, with help from Planet

California plans to launch a satellite to monitor pollution in the state and contribute to climate science, Governor Jerry Brown announced today. The state is…

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All These Climate Change Lawsuits Will Be Thrown Out

Last week, a federal judge dismissed New York City’s climate change lawsuit against five major oil companies. Last month, another federal judge dismissed similar global warming claims against oil…

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STOP THE MADNESS: Everything ‘Contributes To’ Climate Change Including Your Breath And YOUR CAT

Earlier this month, The New York Times featured an article titled “Hockey in the Desert.” The article concluded that by building a hockey stadium in Las Vegas, the…

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Earth Records 600-Millionth Consecutive Cooler-Than-Average Month

Earth just had its 600 millionth straight cooler-than-average month, thanks to naturally-driven cooling. An historical reconstruction of the Earth’s temperature by Northwestern University Adjunct Professor…

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Watch SpaceX launch the GRACE-FO and Iridium NEXT satellites here

Today’s the day for SpaceX’s launch of Iridium’s NEXT communications satellites and a pair of twin birds from NASA that will monitor the fresh water…

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Environmentalists Want to Carve Trump’s Face into an Arctic Glacier

Although President Donald Trump might be skeptical of climate change (or global warming, if you prefer), activists in Finland hope to use the commander-in-chief’s likeness…

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The College Republicans’ Misguided Support for a Carbon Tax

In what many view as a stark about-face, College Republicans across the country are endorsing a carbon tax to address climate change. As one young…

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New Source Of Nitrogen Challenges Understanding Of Climate Change

photovision / Pixabay New information published in the journal Science suggests a new source of nitrogen – calling into question the validity of our understanding…

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.@AlGore Blames the ‘Climate Crisis’ for Cold Weather. Butttt Actually, It’s Winter

Remember when global warming meant the planet was supposed to, well, warm up? Temperatures would rise, and all manner of ecological calamity would ensue? Me…

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In a 60 Minutes interview, California Gov. Jerry Brown Blames President Trump For Wildfires

California Governor Jerry Brown blasted President Donald Trump for the massive fires smoldering across his state, criticizing the president for removing for the United States…

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30 Years Later, Alarmists Are Still Predicting A Global Warming ‘Apocalypse’

For at least three decades scientists and environmental activists have been warning that the world is on the verge of a global warming “apocalypse” that…

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Paris climate goals is an existential threat to fossil fuel industries $XLE

By Henry Kelly, Senior Scientist, Michigan Institute for Data Science, University of Michigan. Transportation is the biggest contributor to greenhouse gases by sector. Converting the…

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Oops, NASA Finds Mantle Plume Melting Antarctica From Below, not ‘global warming’

A mantle plume producing almost as much heat as Yellowstone supervolcano appears to be melting part of West Antarctica from beneath. Researchers at NASA have…

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US President Trump ‘not invited’ to Paris climate summit

US President Donald Trump is not among the around 100 heads of state and government invited to next month’s climate summit in Paris, a French…

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LOL ‘I Am A Failure’: Bill Nye Opens Up About His Global Warming Activism

Bill Nye “the science guy” said his efforts to convince the public of the dangers of global warming have failed, largely due to a misinformation…

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President Obama’s Climate Plan Was a Failure on Just About All Accounts

The Trump administration is dismantling President Barack Obama’s climate legacy piece by piece, and this week they’re taking an axe to arguably the biggest piece….

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Australia’s Alan Jones: “The tentacles of the global warming hoax are everywhere,”

“The tentacles of the global warming hoax are everywhere,” said a foaming Sydney shock-jock Alan Jones on his high-ratings radio show. “I don’t know why…

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