Colin Kaepernick tries to counter ‘false narratives’ about him seeking NFL job


Colin Kaepernick tries to counter 'false narratives' about him seeking NFL job

A representative for former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick released a statement on Thursday intended to counteract the “false narratives” they allege are being spread about the controversial athlete.

“It is difficult to think of another young player in NFL history with statistics and character as impressive as Colin’s not being given an opportunity to earn a spot on an NFL roster after what he has accomplished,” the statement said.

Kaepernick was at the center of a national furor when he began to take a knee during the performance of the national anthem before games with the San Francisco Forty-niners. He said that he was protesting police brutality against African-Americans.

The statement claimed that Kaepernick had tried to contact every one of the 32 teams in the NFL, but none had expressed interest in signing him.

“No other NFL team has interviewed or worked out Colin in the past 3 seasons, despite other false statements in the media to the contrary,” the statement said after citing a visit with the Seattle Seahawks.

“I have reached out to all 32 teams about Colin’s employment, with little to no response from teams about an appointment for Colin. In 25 years, I have never seen anything like it,” said Kaepernick’s representative in the statement.

He went on to deny that Kaepernick had ever been a distraction on a team, and that he had ever asked for a specific salary from any team.

Kaepernick re-ignited even more controversy when he signed on to a marketing campaign with Nike Inc.

Here’s the latest in the Kaepernick controversy:

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