Complexity's k0nfig scored the best clutch of IEM Katowice 2021

In a match against Ninjas and Pyjamas, Complexity’s Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke stole the spotlight with an impressive molotov clutch. Ninjas in Pyjamas advanced through the IEM Katowice 2021 play-in stage, but were on the bad end of one of the event’s most impressive plays. The team dispatched “the juggernaut” in a one-sided match, but k0nfig’s smooth play on Nuke outshone the Ninjas in Pyjamas. The Swedes entered the server looking sharper than ever, bagging the pistol round with ease. NiP stumbled a bit as they gave away some rounds Complexity’s cunning plays, despite a bright start. Hampus …

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