Cory Booker cites Old Testament to defend LGBT rights


Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker cited the Bible to defend LGBT rights during CNN’s LGBT-focused town hall in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The story: Booker was responding to a UCLA student who said her school has repeatedly rejected her push for an LGBT club, according to Fox News.

Citing a verse from Micah 6:8 in the Old Testament, Booker said:

“It said in Micah, ‘What do you want from your Lord, but what is it you want from your people?’ Which is to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly — walk humbly — and, so for me, I cannot allow, as a leader, that people are going to use religion as a justification for discrimination.”

“I can respect your religious views but also protect people from discrimination,” the New Jersey senator added.

Booker also touted the Equality Act as a law that does “not allow people to discriminate…in our schools in education…healthcare….globally.”

“My faith, as well as my American values, will make me fight on every front to make sure that people are not discriminating against someone because of who they are,” he added.

Booker also vowed to “go after schools” that discriminate against LGBT members.

“We must use our Department of Justice and the Department of Education’s Civil Rights Division to go after schools that are denying people equal rights and equal protections,” Booker said, The Daily Caller reported.

He said he will appoint a “Department of Education that takes the steps necessary to protect all children in America” and promised to fight for equal rights for the LGBT community as fiercely as “activists who fought for that equality for black Americans.”

“I’ll fight for it with the same ferocity — with the same sense of urgency every single day for LGBTQ Americans,” Booke said. “I will stand up and call this country to remember that patriotism is love of country, and you cannot love your country unless you love all of your countrymen and women, and love is not a sentiment … “

“That’s the kind of leadership I will provide in the White House,” he concluded.

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