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It’s the end of crypto as we know it and I feel fine

Watching the current price madness is scary. Bitcoin is falling and rising in $500 increments with regularity and Ethereum and its attendant ICOs are in…

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US Treasury added the Indian Rupee to currency watch list, along with China

The US Treasury added India to its watch list of countries with potentially questionable foreign exchange policies, joining China and four others, according to a…

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The Iranian rial hits record low, crashing through 50,000-to-the-dollar metric

The Iranian rial fell to a record low on Monday, breaking through the 50,000-to-the-dollar mark for the first time as analysts blamed uncertainty from Washington….

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Mexico’s Pemex reports $18bn loss in Q4 of 2017, citing depreciation of the peso

Mexico’s state oil company Pemex posted an $18 billion loss in the last quarter of 2017, it said Monday, blaming depreciation of the peso and…

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Iran arrests 100 currency traders as the Rial collapses

Iranian police arrested around 100 money changers on Wednesday as it scrambled to contain the decline of the rial, which has lost a quarter of…

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US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin hails ‘weaker dollar’ sending $DXY index below $90

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Wednesday in Davos that a “weaker dollar” was good for the United States, words that sharply lowered the value…

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Hedge Fund Manager: Bitcoin Won’t Hold Up In A Fiat Currency Crash

As the price of Bitcoin has been s liding recently, trading near $11,670 after topping out at $19,343 December 16, Steven Englander scratches his head….

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Unregulated Cryptocurrencies May Trigger Another Financial Crisis $VXX

The price of bitcoin hit $17,000 late last year and – although the cryptocurrency has plunged since then – there are signs that an absence…

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Germany’s central bank Bundesbank, to add China’s yuan to currency reserves

Germany’s central bank has said it will include China’s yuan in its reserves, giving another boost to Beijing’s drive to internationalise the currency and helping…

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Israel’s Finance Ministry moving ‘Toward a cashless society’ by limiting cash transactions

Israel”s Finance Ministry is pushing to limit the use of cash in private business transactions, both between customers and businesses, as well as between private…

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Qatar central bank to probe attempts to harm the Qatari economy through the manipulation of its riyal

Qatar’s central bank has launched an investigation into what it says are attempts to harm the Qatari economy through the manipulation of its currency, securities…

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Bitcoin Isn’t A Currency – Unless It Becomes One It Could End Up Worthless

Bitcoin is in decline. Not its price, which has increased 900% this yearand (at the time of writing) stands at over US$12,000 per unit, but…

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Israel’s foreign exchange reserves November 2017 hit a record $112.079 billion

Israel’s foreign exchange reserves at the end of November 2017 amounted to a record $112.079 billion, up $770 million from the end of October, the…

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Zimbabwe is Plagued by Lack of Cash as It Begins Post-Mugabe Era

Like many Zimbabweans, Esau Makwindi is frustrated over the liquidity crisis that has made it near-impossible for ordinary people to get cash in the Southern…

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Qatar investigates UAE plan to devalue its currency

Qatar has opened an investigation into claims of an alleged plot by the UAE to weaken its currency in the early stages of the Gulf…

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One year after it’s ban on cash, India’s black money market is thriving

When India declared most bank notes unuseable a year ago in an effort to flush out tax cheats, one steel manufacturer was so spooked he…

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S. Korea, China renew $56Billion currency swap deal in light of diplomatic tensions

South Korea and China have renewed a $56 billion currency swap deal, Seoul said Friday, despite tensions over the controversial deployment of a US anti-missile…

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Ethiopia devalues currency by 15 percent in competitiveness bid

Ethiopia will devalue its currency by 15 percent in a bid to boost demand for its major exports, a state-run media outlet reported Tuesday. Africa’s…

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