DEBATE: Is Sports Gambling Good For America? [VIDEO]

DEBATE: Is Sports Gambling Good For America? [VIDEO]

It’s no secret the sports world was set ablaze this week after the Supreme Court struck down a federal ban on sports betting. It essentially opens a path for the legalization of gambling in the US.


It’s a pretty complex case and the people are split down the middle on the issue. Luckily, David Hookstead and I broke it all down so our fans won’t have to put much thought into it. (RELATED: The Smoke Room Crew Debates My Eight Year Break From Eating Vegetables)

We debated the merits of gambling, how much betting is too much and whether things like marriages, mortgages, and social lives may suffer now that gambling is legal.

I don’t think many rational people can agree with Hookstead’s opinion. He seems pretty convinced that this is a good idea for the nation and that part of being a “man” is blowing all your money on senseless bets.

Now I’m not a man, but I sure wasn’t born yesterday. And if all the men in the world start throwing their money at Yankees overs and Capitals/Celtics parlays, instead of throwing them at fruity drinks for me at the bar, they’re going to have some lonely nights ahead of them.

I’m not going to say that’s a threat. But I’m not not going to say it is either.

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