Denver Post’s Coors Field Error: That’s a Pic of Phillies’ Stadium

Denver Post's Coors Field Error: That's a Pic of Phillies' Stadium

The Denver Post ran a guide to Coors Field, the home of the Colorado Rockies, on Friday, but made one glaring error: the photo was of Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, the home of the Phillies.


The Post ran a correction shortly after the error was brought to its attention.

“Due to a production error, an image of Citizens Bank Park ran in place of Coors Field on the cover of today’s Life & Culture section,” the newspaper tweeted. “Please enjoy this beautiful image of Coors Field photographed yesterday. The Denver Post sincerely regrets the error.”

Folks on social media were merciless over the Post’s gaffe. Even the Phillies couldn’t help poking a little fun.

Others joined in on the fun, with some posting pictures of other stadiums and attributing them to the wrong cities.

The Post, however, took it all in stride, and its editors even promoted a photo contest at their own expense.

Original Source: NewsMAX