Devin Nunes claimed Democrats would smear Sondland. He was smeared by the Republican counsel instead.

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Devin Nunes claimed Democrats would smear Sondland. He was smeared by the Republican counsel instead.The U.S. ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, is a key witness in the ongoing House impeachment hearings, and before he testified Wednesday, both Democrats and Republicans were well aware he could make or break their cases. Ranking House Intelligence Committee member Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) nevertheless appeared confident in his opening remarks, noting that he anticipated Sondland would have his reputation “smeared” by the Democrats over the course of the next several hours.The GOP’s tone swiftly changed when Sondland was given his turn to speak. The ambassador confirmed a quid pro quo between the Trump administration and Ukraine, and said he was following orders from the president to pressure Kyiv into opening an investigation into the Bidens. Clinton impeachment prosecutor Ken Starr went as far as to call Wednesday a “bombshell day” due to Sondland’s dramatic flip.Republicans, naturally, didn’t feel so peachy about Sondland by the time it was their turn to speak. Steve Castor, the Republican attorney, went as far as to — yep — smear Sondland’s credibility. “You don’t have records, you don’t have notes because you don’t take notes, you don’t have recollections,” he bashed. “This is a trifecta of unreliability.”It didn’t matter that the smear was coming from his own party; Sondland wasn’t having any of it. Watch below. > Republican Counsel Castor: “You don’t have records. You don’t have your notes because you didn’t take notes. You don’t have a lot of recollections. This is like the trifecta of unreliability. Isn’t that true? > > Ambassador Gordon Sondland: “I think I filled in a lot of blanks.”> > — CSPAN (@cspan) November 20, 2019More stories from Ken Starr on the Sondland testimony: ‘It’s over’ Biden scoffs at idea that Medicare-for-all bill could pass the House or Senate India is entering a new dark age