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Leon Panetta Has A Blunt Message For Democrats Wanting To Impeach Trump

Since the first days of the Trump administration, Democrats have been threatening to impeach President Trump. Members of the House have introduced articles of impeachment…

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Lighting Round: The Mooch Takes On The Toughest Topics In America

[youtube] Anthony Scaramucci had a legendary 11 days serving in the White House as communications director for Donald Trump. Mooch is known as a…

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Kavanaugh’s Most Sensitive White House Records Won’t Be Released And Democrats Aren’t Happy

Almost 30,000 documents detailing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s work as a White House lawyer will not be released to the Senate.  The Trump administration…

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Brett Kavanaugh’s Qualifications Are Still Being Overlooked By The Media

WATCH: [youtube] Some in the media are going to bat for the Democratic Party when it comes to resisting President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee,…

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Read The McCain Family’s Beautiful Tributes After The Tragic Passing Of Sen. John McCain

After the passing of Senator John McCain, wife Cindy and daughter Meghan sent beautiful tributes to their late family member on Twitter. McCain, a war…

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McCain Dies At Age 81

Sen. John McCain of Arizona passed away at his home in Arizona on Saturday evening, putting an end to a nearly six-decade-long career in public service….

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Liberal Reporters Highlight ‘Lack Of Diversity’ In White House, Make No Acknowledgement Of Media’s Racial Diversity Problem [VIDEO]

WATCH: [youtube] Some White House reporters are very concerned about the “lack of diversity” in President Donald Trump’s administration, but they’re not willing to…

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Papadopoulos Did Not Wear A Wire For Mueller, As Pundits Initially Speculated

George Papadopoulos did not wear a wire as a part of a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, his wife says. Papadopoulos’ plea deal…

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West Virginia’s Supreme Court Is So Corrupt, EVERY JUSTICE Faces Impeachment

Who presides over the impeachment trial of a state Supreme Court justice if the entire state Supreme Court is being impeached? It’s an absurd constitutional…

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Van Jones Claims There’s No Difference Between Hateful Nazi Rhetoric And Conservative Media

CNN host Van Jones compared Fox News host Laura Ingraham to a neo-Nazi on his show Saturday and said they were preaching the same message…

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Reporter Vs. Professional Female Shooters Of The DC Project

[youtube] You’ve seen The Daily Caller’s reporters compete against Marines, failing time and time again. In this week’s episode of “Reporter Vs.” they went…

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GOP Rep. Drops Bomb On CNN: Russians Meddled In Charlottesville To Stir Racial Tensions

Republican Congressman Tom Garrett talked Russian meddling on CNN on Saturday — but not in the 2016 presidential election. Rather, Garrett claimed that the Russians…

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CNN Asks Real Women What They Make Of Trump — Tosses The Softballs To His Haters

A “CNN Newsroom” segment on Saturday featured a group of women from Pennsylvania — a state which Trump won in 2016, and the site of…

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BOBBY BOWDEN: I’m Proud To Take A Knee With Coach Kennedy

I spent more than half a century coaching football. You don’t invest that much time in one profession without learning some valuable lessons. In football…

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Tucker The News Hound Gets The Scoop In Washington, DC

12:46 AM 08/05/2018Evie Fordham | Contributor share on facebook tweet this share Share Print Reddit Share Email WhatsApp [youtube] Tucker the news hound took…

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Ohio Rally Attendee Holds His Salute Behind Trump — Then The President Turns Around

As President Trump walked into a rally Saturday evening in Ohio, a lone gentleman wearing an Army t-shirt stood at attention behind the podium, his…

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Fake Facebook Creators Are Getting Better At Covering Their Own Tracks

8:28 PM 08/04/2018Kyle Perisic | Contributor share on facebook tweet this share Share Print Reddit Share Email WhatsApp Creators of fake Facebook pages and accounts…

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Charles Koch Pledges To Crack Down On Republicans Who Stray From Libertarian Values

6:58 PM 07/29/2018Christopher Bedford | Editor in Chief, The Daily Caller News Foundation share on facebook tweet this share Share Print Reddit Share Email WhatsApp…

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