‘Entourage’ Was One Of The Greatest Shows Ever. Here’s Why It Could Never Be Made Today

‘Entourage’ Was One Of The Greatest Shows Ever. Here’s Why It Could Never Be Made Today

It’s a real shame that “Entourage” could never be made in today’s politically correct climate.

For those of you don’t know, the hit HBO show followed around actor Vincent Chase, his agent Ari Gold, his manager and best friend Eric, his buddy Turtle and his half-brother Drama as they navigate their way through Hollywood. It’s one of the best shows that’s ever been made.

It’s all about the parties, the movies, your buddies, the women, the lifestyle and doing whatever it takes to succeed. The show is pretty much lifestyle porn, and every second of it was entertaining. Now, the show is also vulgar as all hell, but that doesn’t mean it’s not entertaining. It can be both at the same time. I’ve probably watched the whole series no less than 15 times. Whenever I’m just hanging out, producing content, relaxing or looking to kill some time, you can bet that I’m putting on “Entourage.” It’s great entertainment that never disappoints. (RELATED: AMERICA NEEDS ANOTHER ‘ENTOURAGE’ MOVIE TO SAVE THIS COUNTRY)

That’s why it’s such a damn shame that there’s next to zero chance this show would ever get made in 2018. We now live in a world where people try to tell us that being a dude who loves parties, beer, women, having fun with the guys and trying to dominate life is no longer acceptable. “Entourage” represents everything losers hate about this country. It’s all about people just living the good life, and refusing to ever apologize for it. How people could ever hate “Entourage” is honestly beyond me, but I’m pretty sure Ari Gold has message for all of them.

I won’t ever apologize for liking “Entourage,” being a guy who likes to have fun, enjoying a few cold beers, trying to take over the internet and enjoying good looking women. Excuse me. Last time I checked, my feet were planted firmly in America, and that’s what this country is all about. You can go to hell if you don’t like it. (RELATED: REMEMBER SLOAN FROM ‘ENTOURAGE’? HERE’S WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE NOW [PHOTOS])

As for me, I’m going to keep doing what I do best, and keep living a lifestyle that I think vibes well with “Entourage.” The haters will wilt away, people like me will persevere and the world will be better off when there are more of my kind around.

Congratulations to all the haters. You’ve successfully created a climate that neutered our television, and stopped shows like “Entourage” from continuing. It’s still not going to stop me from enjoying it, and doing whatever I want. After all, nobody got to the top of the mountain by worrying what the people at base camp thought. Those of us who got to the top did so by living out the American spirit, and that’s what “Entourage” was all about.

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