Ex-NFL Player Asks Trump to Pardon Nephew Convicted of Murder

Tony Paige, a former National Football League running back, sent a letter to President Donald Trump asking him to consider clemency for Paige’s nephew, who is in jail in a second-degree murder case, the Washington Examiner reported.

Paige, now an NFL agent, said he felt obliged to send the letter after Trump said that no athletes had contacted him when he asked for names of prisoners whom the justice system had treated unfairly.

“The president put it out there. We figured we would ask,” said Paige, the Washington Examiner reported.

Marcus Paige, the nephew, was arrested Sept. 11, 2001, and was convicted on the word of a witness who had changed her story repeatedly, the Examiner reported.

Neilly Griffin accused Paige and James “Dee” Hill about a year after the shooting of Otis Graham, saying she had seen two men in hoods shooting into Graham’s car. Hill pleaded guilty to that killing and two others. In 2008, Hill asked a judge to release Paige because he had been wrongly implicated, the Examiner reported.

In his letter to Trump, Tony Paige wrote that he intended “to ensure he (Marcus) has employment so he’s able not only to provide for himself, but so that he has a way to contribute to his community.”

“He will not lack for a place to live, a job to work, or guidance from those who care about him,” Paige wrote in the letter.

The CAN-DO Foundation, which is backing Marcus Paige’s case, also supported Alice Johnson before Kim Kardashian visited the White House on her behalf, the Examiner reported.

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