Flashback Of AG Schneiderman At Pro-Choice Event: ‘We Are Standing Up Against Violence’

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman addressed a Planned Parenthood event in June of last year where he claimed to champion women, stating that he and “everyone here is a true advocate” of protecting women’s rights. Schneiderman is currently at the center of physical and sexual misconduct allegations, including physical abuse.


“I am truly honored to be joined by a great group of advocates and activists here today. Some are the heads of organizations, some are public officials, Schneiderman began. “Everyone here is a true advocate and an activist in support of women’s rights and women’s health.”

“We are united in our commitment to ensure that in New York, no woman is deprived of her Consitutional rights and that every woman gets the healthcare to which she is entitled,” Schneiderman said.

“We are here at Choices today to stand up for the most fundamental of Constitutional rights: the right to integrity, privacy and protection of your own body and your own personhood. We are standing up against violence and sending a clear message that in New York the law is protecting access to abortion and all other reproductive health services will be enforced,” Schneiderman continued.

“The law trusts women and we are here to enforce that law,” Schneiderman stated.

Schneiderman spoke for a little more than 30 minutes on the physical protection of women and women’s healthcare at the Choices Women’s Health Center event in New York, a pro-choice organization, amid a crowd of leaders including Elizabeth Adams, director of government relations for Planned Parenthood of New York City. The speech addressed protestors at the clinic that had allegedly engaged in “vicious harassment, abusive language, threats, and physical confrontation.”

These are all accusations that have been put forward against Schneiderman himself. The New York Attorney General is at the forefront of physical and sexual misconduct accusations against him by multiple women, with accusations including physical acts and threats of violence, including slapping and choking women, and threats to kill women if they broke up with him.

During the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Schneiderman claimed to be at the forefront of the #MeToo movement, filing a lawsuit against the movie mogul’s media company.

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