Giuliani: Mueller Interview With Trump Now ‘Further Away’

Giuliani: Mueller Interview With Trump Now 'Further Away'

Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s attorney, said any interview with the president by special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators is “probably further away” than it was before.

His comments came on Fox News’ “Ingraham Angle” on Thursday night and followed FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s testimony in a congressional hearing earlier in the day.

“When you see this kind of thing?” Giuliani said. “You’re a lawyer, would you walk your client into a kangaroo court with guys who donated $36,000 to his opponent, cried at her loss party, represented the scoundrel who broke the hard drive?

“If you have an objective group of people that you could persuade, of course you would consider testifying.”

Referring to Strzok, he added: “But if you have people that are like him … they never unraveled the taint that he created.”

Asked by host Laura Ingraham if the White House was any closer to an agreement with Mueller about limited questioning of the president, Giuliani responded: “Probably further away.”

The Hill noted that Trump’s legal team has been talking with Mueller’s office for months to set terms for an interview with the president.

Giuliani had said Trump will only agree to an interview if Mueller’s office provides evidence the president committed a crime and that his testimony is necessary to finish the investigation, the website said.

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