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Why the Pentagon’s $10 billion JEDI deal has cloud companies going nuts

By now you’ve probably heard of the Defense Department’s massive winner-take-all $10 billion cloud contract dubbed the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (or JEDI for short).Star…

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California is ‘launching our own damn satellite’ to track pollution, with help from Planet

California plans to launch a satellite to monitor pollution in the state and contribute to climate science, Governor Jerry Brown announced today. The state is…

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Senator claps back after Ajit Pai calls California’s net neutrality bill ‘radical’ and ‘illegal’

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has provoked a biting senatorial response from California after calling the “nanny state’s” new net neutrality legislation “radical,” “anti-consumer,” “illegal,” and…

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The clock is ticking for e-cig companies to block underage users

The FDA is giving makers of e-cigarettes sixty days to come up with a more effective, forceful plan to combat underage use of the products….

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Europe to push for one-hour takedown law for terrorist content

The European Union’s executive body is doubling down on its push for platforms to pre-filter the Internet, publishing a proposal today for all websites to…

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Interview with Priscilla Chan: Her super-donor origin story

Priscilla Chan is so much more than Mark Zuckerberg’s wife. A teacher, doctor, and now one of the world’s top philanthropists, she’s a dexterous empath…

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Hate speech, collusion, and the constitution

Half an hour into their two-hour testimony on Wednesday before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey were asked…

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Posted in Alex Jones apps Congress free speech government Jack Dorsey Policy Richard Spencer Social Tech twitter twitter safety

Twitter is a Nazi haven for the same reason its CEO claims no bias

“From a simple business perspective and to serve the public, Twitter is incentivized to keep all voices on the platform”. That’s Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s…

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‘Five Eyes’ governments call on tech giants to build encryption backdoors — or else

A pact of five nation states dedicated to a global “collect it all” surveillance mission has issued a memo calling on their governments to demand…

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When battery life saves human life

Few would equate human life with battery life, but for many migrants escaping war or famine, a single percentage point of battery can mean getting…

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It’s time for Facebook and Twitter to coordinate efforts on hate speech

Since the election of Donald Trump in 2016, there has been burgeoning awareness of the hate speech on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter….

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Posted in government Net Neutrality Policy TC Tech

California lawmakers are one step closer to bringing back Obama-era net neutrality protections

California’s state Assembly voted 58-17 on Thursday to advance a bill, called S.B. 822, that would implement the strongest net neutrality provisions in the U.S….

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Posted in computer security cryptography government Government Accountability Office National security Security Tech

Watchdog says 2020 Census systems are riddled with security flaws

With a census just two years away, the Census Bureau has a cybersecurity problem. That’s a key takeaway from the congressional watchdog, the Government Accountability…

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Posted in amsterdam asia Brexit corporate tax europe european union Gadgets government Japan Panasonic tax haven Tech United Kingdom

Panasonic to move its European HQ out of the UK because Brexit

Chalk up yet another Brexit deficit: Japanese electronics firm Panasonic will be moving its European headquarters from the UK to Amsterdam in October because it’s…

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Posted in Edward Snowden government mass surveillance privacy Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board Security Tech Trump

Privacy groups ask senators to confirm US surveillance oversight nominees

A coalition of privacy groups are calling on lawmakers to fill the vacant positions on the government’s surveillance oversight board, which hasn’t fully functioned in…

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Posted in data visualization government Graphika Tech

Graphika visualizes Twitter’s filter bubbles in the US

It’s no surprise that political discourse in America is divided — especially online. And last week in MIT Technology Review, data visualization company Graphika brought those divides…

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Posted in government National security Security Supreme Court surveillance T-Mobile Tech transparency report

T-Mobile quietly reveals uptick in government data demands

T-Mobile has revealed an uptick in the number of demands for data it receives from the government. The cellular giant quietly posted its 2017 transparency…

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Posted in data elections government presidential election Security spokesperson TC Tech Texas voter registration

Millions of Texas voter records exposed online

Over 14 million detailed voter records were found on an unprotected server Zack Whittaker 14 hours A massive trove of voter records containing personal information…

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