Greg Cote: Heat, Marlins, Canes, now Tua. Miserable 2020 suddenly a great time to be a Miami fan.

The sun had just set when hope began rising. An October Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium, late in the game and the future is rising up off the bench, warming up on the sideline. Fans in the spaced-apart, pandemic crowd of 10,772 were rising up, too, with a cheer that became an ovation.That joyous noise, pent up for how long? Years? Two decades? Maybe ever since Dan Marino limped off a football field for the last time on January 15, 2000?That big noise the small crowd was making — it was the sound of the future arriving, becoming real.“Tua! Tua! Tua!”All of a sudden, it seems, what a time it is to b…

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