Hensarling: China ‘Serial Violator’ of WTO for Years

Hensarling: China 'Serial Violator' of WTO for Years

It is good that China and the United States are now talking to each other on trade, but China has been a “serial violator” of the World Trade Organization for years, Rep. Jeb Hensarling said Thursday.

“It is just not the type of economy that lives with the spirit of the letter of the law of the WTO,” the Texas Republican told Fox Business’ “Mornings With Maria” host Maria Bartiromo. 

He said he had just returned from Beijing, where he was a part of a congressional delegation, and met with leaders to pass on the message that the United States is serious about trade, and not just because President Donald Trump is in office.

“Don’t think you will wait out our congressional election or presidential election,” Hensarling said of his message. “We are very serious. You cannot continue to expropriate, by hook or crook, our intellectual property and technology.”

The other message was that America doesn’t want China to be impoverished, but to succeed, said Hensarling.

“You can’t take away our competitive edge, which is in intellectual property and technology,” said the Congressman. “I am encouraged. I know the president believes that China in some respects has more to lose than we have to lose, because their economy is much more trade dependent, but on the other hand, their politics is such they can be very patient…I was encouraged by things I heard in Beijing.”

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