Here’s A Video Of A Youth Baseball Coach Going After A Parent With A Baseball Bat [WATCH]

Here’s A Video Of A Youth Baseball Coach Going After A Parent With A Baseball Bat [WATCH]

There comes a time in every man’s life where a sheer millisecond can define him for the rest of his life. That moment separates the wheat from the chaff. The weak from the strong. The able from incapable. The hero from the hardo.

One of those moments came this weekend, after youth baseball coach Paul Melvin allegedly went after a parent in the bleachers with an aluminum baseball bat.

The video, captured by a witness named Chris McDonald, shows Melvin absolutely losing it, exiting the park, and charging a parent, allegedly wielding a bat as a weapon.

Nobody appears to be hurt, but this, ladies and gentleman, is one of those aforementioned moments.

It’s unclear what the parent (probably dad) did to deserve a good old-fashioned coach’s reprimand. But this guy seems to mean business.

A witness recalled the incident shortly after:

In all my years of Youth Sports Never in my life have I seen a Head Coach (Cincy Flames) come after a parent with 1 of his 13U Baseball Players Bats our of the Dugout to the left. In front of all these boys that he is suppose to be teaching & training to not only be good Ball Players but Good Young Men as well. INSANE! APPALLED!!!! This should go VIRAL! But on a good note Canes are in the Championship Game. Go Canes!!!

Now I don’t want to jump to conclusions because details are still shady. But I think I’ve read all I need to. Paul Melvin is keeping his players – and their parents – in check. When did it become offensive to charge a presumably unruly spectator with a bat? Is this what it’s come to? First we start handing out participation trophies and the next thing you know, parents are “appalled” at coaches for charging unarmed parents with bats?

You know what? I am appalled. I’m appalled that somebody had the audacity to film this and even dared to suggest that it goes viral. This is sickening stuff, folks. Everyone should fear for the next generation if this is how parents are raising them. They’re going to be softer than Charmin Ultra.

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