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How To Protect Your Devices From Being Used For Crypto-Mining

The digital age has brought so many advantages to our lives but it’s also left us a lot more open to unscrupulous people hacking into…

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Key Facts About Bitcoin: An Infographic

When one thinks of Bitcoin, there are always two trains of thought. Some see it as a great investment, a sign of progress for digital…

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U.S. Companies Publicly Subjected To Activist Demands Increase

Please see below a fact-sheet containing statistics on activist investments from January to August 2018 (click on the image itself for a clearer view). Get…

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Are Millenials Worse Or Just As Bad As Boomers?

Every generation faces criticism from their elders; “kids these days” is a refrain as old as time. For the Baby Boomers it was the “Me…

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Pack The Office Into Your Smartphone With These Apps

Nowadays, the word “productivity” is becoming more and more popular. Everybody is using it, from restaurant chefs, big company CEOs, football players all the way…

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10 Everyday Products You Didn’t Know NASA Invented

When you think of NASA, what comes to mind? NASA is always creating new and never seen before products to benefit space expedition. However, the…

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Basic Materials Sector: Additional Data Points

A selection of infographics from Activist Insight Monthly Further to our previous press release about activism in the basic materials sector, we also provided our…

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Cities With The Highest Amazon Package Theft Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

Package theft is on the rise in the US. Last year, Shorr Packaging found that 31-percent of people have been personally victimized by package theft….

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The Rise Of The Health Care Robotics [INFOGRAPHIC]

In the year 2000, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the da Vinci Surgical system, the first robotic surgical aid. Since its introduction, surgeons…

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History And Growth Of The Internet From 1968s

You clicked on a link and landed on this blog. Your computer and our website servers could be States, countries or even continents apart from…

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Charts That Matter – DEMONETISATION And More

In 2014, there were a mere two mobile phone manufacturing units in India. Fast forward to 2017, and India is now home to 123 –…

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Charts That Matter – The Petroyuan, Fed Unwind And More

Matter of time rising Mortgage and Personal Loan EMI will start eating into household incomes. I expect Mortgage rates to easily cross 9%  so that…

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Mobile Phone Apps That Help From Dusk To Dawn [INFOGRAPHIC]

The importance of Smartphone in our everyday life and activities is undeniably endless. This is so because mobile phones are no longer the ordinary communication…

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The Next Reserve Currency And New Set Of Winners

We are in the most exciting part of a generational cycle for markets where the country having reserve currency status (US) is now trying to…

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Drones, Rovers & Job Losses: The Future Of AI In Construction

Artificial Intelligence has seemingly been working its way into all walks of life and the construction sector is no different. It’s becoming more and more…

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UK’s 50 Biggest Landowners

Who owns the UK? This question once upon a time was an easy answer – royals and nobility. But in more recent times property investments…

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Gaming And Sports Application Development Services [INFOGRAPHIC]

The mobile application is not an option anymore. It’s a requirement. Nowadays it is necessary for most of the online businesses like e-commerce, and sports…

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Charts That Matter – fter five straight months of positive inflows, China saw net capital outflows in June

1.Google trends throws one more interesting trend. The search for “Insurance” reach five year low which is a matter of concern more so when penetration…

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