Intentional Foul! The WNBA Donates to Planned Parenthood

Intentional Foul! The WNBA Donates to Planned Parenthood

The WNBA has decided it supports “intersectionality” — something conservative writer David Horowitz defines as the linking “of alleged oppressions — racism, sexism, and ageism.” The league made this determination in regard to donations from ticket sales.

Focusing not just on the sport of basketball but on progressive causes, the WNBA’s new “Take a Seat, Take a Stand” campaign is an “empowerment” program for women and girls, and through this program it is vowing to donate $5 dollars for every ticket sold to one of six causes, including Planned Parenthood.

Said Dawn Laguens, an executive vice president with Planned Parenthood, in a statement, “We’re so grateful the WNBA is standing up for the 2.4 million patients who rely on Planned Parenthood and supporting issues that affect the health, well-being, and success of women and girls. Players have used their platforms to bring attention to inequality and, through ‘Take a Seat, Take a Stand,’ the WNBA is giving fans an opportunity to join them in the fight for social change.”

But to many, donating funds to the nation’s largest abortion provider reads more like a flagrant foul than a slam dunk. “Half a billion dollars of taxpayer money annually isn’t enough?” noted one Facebook commenter. “You think some of the world’s starving and destitute might have appreciated that money?”

Said another Facebook user, “I am a MN [Minnesota] Lynx fan but I don’t support Planned Parenthood. I will not be buying any more Lynx gear or going to a game until they end support for Planned Parenthood!”

A recently released annual report from Planned Parenthood reveals that the organization performed 321,384 abortions in 2016-2017 — a slight decrease from the 328,348 abortions done the year before. But since 2006, the number of abortions by the behemoth abortion provider has increased by nearly 11 percent annually, a notable increase for any business.

To be sure, reproductive rights are getting lots of play on and off the court these days, and there is no greater cheerleader than Planned Parenthood.

The WNBA is also aligning itself with pro-LGBTQ groups such as GLSEN, which stands for Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, and the “It’s On Us” campaign, an Obama-era program launched following recommendations from that White House’s task force on sexual assault.

“For decades, the WNBA and its players have been strong advocates for gender equality, LGBTQ rights, and youth empowerment, and we are excited to partner with the WNBA family to collectively take a stand against sexual assault,” Tina Tchen, co-founder of “It’s On Us,” noted in a WNBA press release on May 17.

“The league and its players have made such a difference for so many women and girls, and especially for young LGBT athletes who often feel unwelcome in the world of sports,” added Eliza Byard, GLSEN’s executive director, in the same release.

“Thanks to the league and its fans, GLSEN will be able to open so many more doors of opportunity to LGBT students in school, on the court, and beyond,” Byard continued.

It seems, though, that while the WNBA is assuming all its fans are progressives, not everyone is embracing the WNBA’s support of left-wing causes.

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“While nothing short of complete abolition would truly be satisfying, at the very least, the American taxpayers deserve to have their money spent elsewhere, but the WNBA clearly disagrees,” Elizabeth Johnston posted on her popular blog, Activist Mommy.

“Nothing says women’s empowerment like dehumanizing pre-born women and turning wombs into graves,” added Johnston, a mother of 10 children.

For legions of Americans who value the sanctity of life, as well as those who won’t have a chance at a future due to abortion, it’s a tragic game-changer.

Elizabeth Economou is a former CNBC staff writer and adjunct professor. Follow her on Twitter.

(photo credit, homepage image: WNBA Finals, CC BY 2.0, by Joe Bielawa)

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