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Cloudflare wants internet route leaks to be a thing of the past

Internet outages happen all the time. If it’s not someone cutting through a cable in the street, it’s a massive denial-of-service attack pummeling a pillar…

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E-commerce drives Southeast Asia’s Sea to record revenue but big losses remain

Sea, one of Southeast Asia’s largest internet companies, continues to see losses although its growing e-commerce business helped it hit record revenue. The Tencent-backed company…

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US Internet Speed Has Gone From 12th To 6th Fastest Since End Of Net Neutrality

Since the repeal of “net neutrality” took effect on June 11, the U.S. internet speed has gone from 12th to 6th fastest in the world….

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Firefox now supports the newest internet security protocol

Last Friday, the Internet Engineering Task Force released the final version of TLS 1.3. This is a major update to TLS 1.2, the security protocol…

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WhatsApp limits message forwarding in bid to reduce spam and misinformation

In a bid to cut down on the spread of false information and spam, WhatsApp recently added labels that indicate when a message has been…

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Security, privacy experts weigh in on the ICE doxxing

In what appears to be the latest salvo in a new, wired form of protest, developer Sam Lavigne posted code that scrapes LinkedIn to find…

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The Dangers Of Labeling Opponents As ‘Enemies’

In an opinion piece published last week in The Washington Post entitled “We are no longer capable of forgiving our enemies”, author Elizabeth Bruenig breaks…

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Rare Country never wanted to say goodbye, but the time has come

Eric Church Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 12.56.18 AM Goodbyes aren’t easy, especially those goodbyes that rip your heart out and leave you feeling a little…

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Facebook killed Long Live Rare Liberty!

Five years ago, I was working for Senator Rand Paul and was frustrated. Not with my job. I loved my job. I was working for…

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Killed by Facebook: What It’s Like to Work at a Website Killed by Facebook’s Algorithms

It’s 2013, and I have no idea where I’m going, but I do know my internship is over, and the pressure is on. A co-worker…

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg “sorry” for ‘major breach of trust’

The head of Facebook has apologised for the “major breach of trust” the social media platform committed, when it allowed personal information of 50 million…

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EU to unveil digital tax targeting Facebook, Google $GOOG $FB

The EU will unveil proposals for a digital tax on US tech giants on Wednesday, bringing yet more turmoil to Facebook after revelations over misused…

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Don’t Tax the Internet 

“Creative destruction.” When I first heard the term in school, I thought it must have been a mistake. How can creation destroy? And how can…

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A mole among the trolls: A look Inside Russia’s online propaganda machine

Long before Americans heard about Russians using social media as part of a broader interference campaign in the 2016 US presidential elections, the Kremlin was…

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.@AlexJones’ @Infowars nears @YouTube ban over conspiracy theory videos

Alex Jones’s Infowars site now has “two strikes” against it from YouTube over its videos on the Florida school shooting and the next violation will…

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Conservative Nonprofit PragerU Is Suing Google for Discrimination

Prager University, a conservative nonprofit that creates educational videos, is suing Google for allegedly discriminating against the digital media organization for its fairly moderate ideological…

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Free news getting scarcer as paywalls and ad-blockers proliferate

For those looking for free news online, the search is becoming harder. Tougher restrictions on online content have boosted digital paid subscriptions at many news…

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#NetNeutrality Ends April 23rd

The United States Federal Communication Commission’s order to repeal net neutrality protections were officially published Thursday in the Federal Register. The order will go into…

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