Is Poker a Form of Gambling, Or Game of Skill?

Is Poker a Form of Gambling, Or Game of Skill?

Poker is one of the world’s most popular and lucrative card gambling games. The game has captivated the majority of the world. It has an engaging gameplay that has made so many people fall in love with the real money game. However, this is all information according to what is generally known about the activity. In order to come up with a satisfactory answer, we need to take an in-depth look at the activity. The best way to answer a question is to look at the issue from the basics.

What is Poker

The first question that needs to be answered in the endeavour to shade light to this issue is “what is poker.” Many people have been playing poker for the greater part of their lives but do not know it. There is a large variety of card games that are classified as poker. It is only when the betting element is included that the game becomes poker. Otherwise, people take these casino games to be just ordinary games.

The game is played with a minimum of one deck of cards although some versions allow for more decks of cards to be used. Cards are distributed to all the players on the table in rounds. Players have the option to keep or to discard cards that they are given in an attempt to make the best hand possible. The objective of the game is to have the hand with the highest value. Across all versions and regardless of whether the game is played for real money or free the value of the cards remain the same.

Poker Origins

Poker is a card game that was developed in the USA around 200 years ago. The game spread quickly across the American continent. As the game became more popular, people from other regions and continents carried the awesome game back home. This game quickly took over the casinos in the regions it was introduced. Even as a pastime among the non-real money gambling population in the world become very popular.

It was this fame that has led to the various levels of organization now exhibited in the gambling activity. In the modern world fans of real money pokies can play them via a screen without human interaction. This is thanks to the development of Video Poker machines in 1980’s. As technology continued to progress the video poker games could be played on mobile smartphones. The latest trends in online casinos are live casino gaming. With this feature, players will be able to enjoy online poker as if they are in a brick and mortar casino. The reason is that the player can interact with other players and the dealer in real time.

Poker Game Play

The gameplay in poker is almost the same across all varieties and even across all platforms (land-based or online casino). Poker begins with players receiving cards. Cards are dealt clockwise to all players on the table. The privilege to deal the cards does around the table but at gambling houses, the casino worker deals all the hands.

If the game is a real money game, then the cards are dealt after the first round of bets are placed. The game starts with the cards being shuffled and cut by the player on the right of the dealer. When the cards are dealt the player on the left is the one who first to receive cards.

Depending on the version of the game there can be several betting rounds. At the end of each betting round, all bets are put in one pot. Players can win the game without having a winning hand, they do this by placing a bet and none of the other players wants to bet against the hand. This is called bluffing. This prevents the showdown which would demand that players reveal their cards. At this stage, the best five card hand wins. Whether you win by bluffing or having the best 5 card hand you walk away with the total accumulated pot.

What is Gambling

As previously mentioned in order to come up with a satisfactory answer we need to find the definitions of all the subjects in the question statement.

Any activity can be considered gambling if it satisfies three parameters. The first thing that needs to be met is that there is something of value that is being staked or bet. This wager has to be on an event whose outcome is not certain. As a final requirement for the action to be considered a gamble there has to be the intention by the bettor to win something.

The Conclusion

After fair consideration, it is easy to see that what is regarded as poker by the general world population is gambling. The game is being played for real money in so many places including cyberspace. This should not be taken to mean that there is no social poker being played, quite the opposite. Social poker is the base from which real money poker players come from. That is why even at internet casinos players can enjoy poker games for free without betting anything or expecting a reward. Which according to the parameters on top, is not gambling.

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