Kim Kardashian’s Hair Draws Outrage At The MTV Awards

Kim Kardashian’s Hair Draws Outrage At The MTV Awards

Jena Greene | Reporter

Kim Kardashian set off a fresh new rash of outrage this weekend, and to the shock of almost no one, it has to do with her outfit.

More specifically, it has to do with how she wore her hair to the MTV Movie & TV Awards. In true Kim fashion, she wore a neutral and tight fitting white ensemble, with corn row style braids.

But since pretty much everything Kim Kardashian does causes controversy, not many people were pleased with her decision to wear a hairstyle typically associated with African culture.

This isn’t the first time Kim Kardashian has caused an uproar by wearing braids. She upset a similar lot of Twitter users in January when she wore blonde braids, which she claimed were modeled after Bo Derek.

So either Kim Kardashian wants Twitter outrage, isn’t aware of it, or simply doesn’t care.

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