Lindsey Graham Confirms ‘Brief Conversation’ With Trump on ‘Fear’

Lindsey Graham Confirms 'Brief Conversation' With Trump on 'Fear'

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said Tuesday he suggested to President Donald Trump he talk with journalist Bob Woodward for his latest book, calling it a “brief conversation” while the pair were golfing.

In remarks on Fox News’ “The Story With Martha MacCallum,” Graham commented after an audio tape was played of a conversation between Woodward and Trump.

“Sen. Graham said he had talked to you about talking to me. Now is that not true?” Woodward asks in the call, a transcript of which was posted by The Washington Post.

Trump replied Graham “mentioned it quickly on one meeting. I just worried about it, and I did hear from Lindsay and I’m just hearing about it . . .”

Asked Tuesday night to “fill in the blanks,” Graham recalled the golf course comments.

“We are playing golf and I said, ‘he’s writing a book about you as president and everyone else. He might want to talk to you, and have sort of a short story,'” Graham said. “Was a brief conversation about people writing a book . . .”

Woodward’s highly anticipated book, “Fear: Trump in the White House,” is due out Sept. 11, but was previewed in the Post earlier Tuesday.

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