LoL: 2021 Pre-Season LCS Power Rankings – HEDGE accordingly

Who’s poised to be the strongest LCS team out of the gate? After a crazy offseason, the LCS is set to return in around a week with the LCS Lock In tournament. With roster shuffles and format changes, there’s a lot that happened that is gearing the league up for a great season. Before we can all get into that though there’s one piece of business that needs taking care of. Preseason power rankings! 10. Golden GuardiansTop: Aiden “Niles” TidwellJungle: Ethan “Iconic” WilkinsonMid: Nicholas “Ablazeolive” AbbottADC: Trevor “Stixxay” HayesSupport: Leandro “Newbie” MarcosSomeone has to anchor the lea…

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HEDGE accordingly