Macron Says He and Trump Are ‘Mavericks’ with ‘Very Special Relationship’

Macron Says He and Trump Are ‘Mavericks’ with ‘Very Special Relationship’

French President Emmanuel Macron and President Donald Trump have a “very special relationship because both of us are probably the mavericks of the systems” in the U.S. and France, Macron told “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace in an interview that aired Sunday.

“We have a very special relationship because both of us are probably the mavericks of the systems on both sides,” said Macron. “I think President Trump’s election was unexpected in your country and probably my election was unexpected in my country. And we are not part of the classical political system.”

Macron assumed office in May 2017 and ran as a center-left political outsider with the party he founded in 2016, La République En Marche!

Trump, who had never served in government before assuming the presidency, ran as a populist-conservative political outsider.

Although Trump and Macron hold vastly different political views on many fundamental issues of public policy and the role of government, Wallace noted that the two held a “special relationship” with Macron often acting as the “Trump Whisperer” on the global stage.

Despite their political differences, Macron noted that he and Trump “are very much in line on some very critical issues of this world, and especially counter terrorism and [the] fight against ISIS.”

Macron, who is conducting a state visit in the U.S. at Trump’s invitation, will request the country’s aid in combating global terrorism and other issues in his address to Congress.

“My objective is to highlight a long-term history between our two countries, based on values. We are very much attached to the same values, and especially liberty and peace,” Macron said. “So I will advocate for multilateralism in front of the Congress for that, which means playing all together in order to reduce the influence and support of some rogue states and very tough dictators. And obviously fight against the terrorism together.”

Wallace highlighted the troubles of special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation into allegations of Trump campaign officials’ collusion with Russians to sway the 2016 presidential election in Trump’s favor.

“Does this hurt President Trump’s credibility and his effectiveness on the world stage?” Wallace asked Macron.

“Both of us are very much at the service of our countries on both sides.”

Macron replied, “I don’t think so and, to me, there is no impact.”

“I mean, [the] people of the United States voted for President Trump and elected him. You have your system. You are a free country, with a rule of law,” Macron said, adding that he is “not the one to judge.”

“I mean, I’m here to deal with the president of the United States and the people of the United States elected Donald Trump,” Macron continued.

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Although no evidence has become public indicating any collusion on Trump’s part, many mainstream media pundits and liberal lawmakers have been calling for impeachment, hoping Trump will face “obstruction of justice” charges for firing former FBI Director James Comey amid the ongoing Russia probe.

When Wallace pressed further, asking Macron, “Do you ever wonder whether [Trump] will serve his full term?” Macron replied, “I never wonder that.”

“I mean, I work with [Trump] because … both of us are very much at the service of our countries on both sides,” Macron said. “And for me, that’s why — even when we have some disagreements on climate and on some issues — I think the most important thing is to … remind that we are at the service of our people — that’s our legitimacy.”

“And this service is to work for the very long term history — history for freedom, for defense of our values and that’s I mean,” Macron added. “President Trump and myself are, whatever happens, in the line of this history.”

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