Manchin: ‘Not A Penny’ of Planned Parenthood Funds Go to Abortions

Manchin: 'Not A Penny' of Planned Parenthood Funds Go to Abortions

Vulnerable Sen. Joe Manchin defended his position on Planned Parenthood funding, arguing that “not a penny” of federal dollars go toward abortions.

The West Virginia and pro-life Democrat made the comments Monday on MetroNews’ “Talkline With Hoppy Kercheval” show. Pro-life groups are targeting Manchin’s support of Planned Parenthood in his reelection bid in November.

“First, there’s not a penny of public dollars that go to support abortions from Planned Parenthood. I’ve checked it inside and out with the Hyde Amendment. It can’t happen. It’s against the law,” Manchin told host Kercheval.

Manchin said he can’t in good conscience remove funding from the one clinic in West Virginia that provides preventative healthcare for women because it’s too hot politically for him.

“I can’t look at them and say I can’t vote for funding … I just can’t do it,” Manchin said.

“But I am pro-life, just look at my record. … I could not take funding away when I knew the funding was not used for abortions. I don’t know how else to say it,” Manchin said.

Manchin rejected assertions made by Sen. Rand Paul and others that there’s a co-mingling of funds that helps to prop up abortions at Planned Parenthood, saying Paul “is just wrong.”

“We’re not propping them up,” Manchin said. “If Rand Paul’s saying that, he is wrong. If he has proof that there’s one penny … one dollar, I’ll vote against Planned Parenthood funding.”

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