Marc Lotter to Newsmax TV: Cohen Plea Deal ‘A Lot to Do About Nothing’

Marc Lotter to Newsmax TV: Cohen Plea Deal 'A Lot to Do About Nothing'

The media has made “a lot to do about nothing” when it comes for President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen, White House spokesperson Marc Lotter told Newsmax TV on Thursday.

“This seems to be a lot to do about nothing, the media is trying to whip this up in their fantasy of finally bringing down a president that they disagree with, and I don’t take it for much more than that,” Lotter said in an interview on “America Talks Live,” when discussing Cohen’s recent deal with prosecutors.

When asked if the White House was going to “start punching back hard” against Cohen, Lotter said: “The story is changed multiple times, there are people actually questioning the lawyers for Michael Cohen who got him to plead to a crime that doesn’t exist, or may not be a crime.”

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Lotter added, “While there are very serious financial issues that he faces in his private business, something aside from the president… he was looking at you know, in some cases I have seen up to sixty-five years in prison, he’s got young children and he struck a deal, and he’s singing like a canary to try to get the best deal possible for himself, and in the process he’s trying to attack the president. But there are a lot of legal people out there who are saying, ‘what he’s accusing the president doing is not a crime.’”

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