Marcus Hayes: Nick Sirianni is the Eagles’ newest puppet, a cross between Barney Fife and Pinocchio

The Eagles fired Gomer Pyle and replaced him with Barney Fife. Gol-l-l-lee. Sure, Doug Pederson acted goofy sometimes, but he was a big, fearless goof. His replacement, Nick Sirianni, held an introductory press conference Friday, where he projected all the confidence of a snared rabbit. He was overwhelmed; unprepared; contradictory. And, bless his soul, he lied. He didn’t lie out of malice, but lie, he did. Asked if he had a timeframe for naming a starter between broken Carson Wentz and raw Jalen Hurts, Sirianni replied: One NFL source, who has deep ties to the organization and was watching th…

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