Mark Bradley: Did the Braves choke? No. Will they be back? Oh, yes indeed.

This one hurts worse than most, worse maybe than any since 1996. This wasn’t a Braves’ team that fell at the first hurdle. It beat the Reds, which some weren’t sure it would. It swept the Marlins. It surged ahead of the best team in baseball 3-1 in the NLCS, which put these Braves one game from the World Series, and we all know how long it had been since the Braves had graced either event.(Last NLCS — 2001. Lost 4-1 to Arizona. Last World Series — 1999. Swept by the Yankees.)So this, if not new, was definitely different. These Braves looked for all the world as if they could … go … all … the ……

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